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How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help in Liver Diseases?

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) therapy is showing potential therapeutic effects on liver function improvement in patients with chronic liver disease and acute chronic liver disease (ACLD). These diseases are mainly caused by alcoholic cirrhosis , high fat blood levels, autoimmune disease or a viral infection, among others. Clinical studies have found that allogeneic BM-MSCs are […]
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Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Conditions

The lung is a highly complex organ; it is responsible for respiration but it also acts as a barrier to exterior pathogens and pollutants. It’s composed of over forty different cell types that make up the three major pulmonary regions: tracheobronchial, intralobar airway, and alveolar. The adult lung is a highly quiescent organ; however, after […]
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Tendon Stem Cells May Help to Quick Injury Recovery

Tendons are connective tissue that tether our muscles to our bones. They improve our stability and facilitate the transfer of force that allows us to move. But they are also particularly susceptible to injury and damage. Unfortunately, once tendons are injured, they rarely fully recover, which can result in limited mobility and require long-term pain […]
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Nerve Injury may be Improved with Stem-Cell Therapy

Brachial plexus injury (BPI) is an advanced peripheral nerve injury that results in paralysis of the upper extremities. This injury is often caused by high-energy trauma such as road traffic accidents and young adult groups often experience it. Massive motor neuron damage and impairment functions of the brachial plexus-innervated muscles are the results of severe […]
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