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The term 'stem cell' refers to any cell that can not only replicate, but also differentiate to form several types of tissue. Stem cells may be categorized depending on their origin.
Adult stem cells remain dormant as so called 'progenitor' cells until they register tissue injury. Then they embark to the lesion and stimulate the healing process. Whether these multipotent cells develop into the original tissue themselves or induces the repair by another mechanism is still unclear, but multiple animal models and a plethora of human evidence irrevocably prove their usefulness in the reparation process.
Due to the ability of stem cells to differentiate into and reconstruct multiple types of tissue when damage occurs, their application in the treatment process of almost every disease or injury is warranted. However, stem cell therapy is better researched for some diseases than for others. In addition, as with every treatment, the chance for success depends largely on the patient himself. This includes progression of the disease, if it is acute or chronic, and to what extent other organs and functional systems have been compromised. Age, body type, as well as general well being of the patient also play a role.

At ZignaGenix, it is possible to determine if a patient is a potential candidate for stem cell therapy. Although the procedure is minimally invasive, all patients are medically cleared in advance.

The honest answer to this question is, there is no guarantee for success in any medical treatment. This is no different for renown or novel treatments, such as stem cell therapy. A number of factors determine success, such as the state of the patient
The complexity of the disease, as well as the interaction of the stem cells with the patients' immune system. However, stem cells are well researched by now, and thousands of successful applications worldwide prove their meaningfulness in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases.
All our stem cell treatments offered at ZignaGenix entail the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), obtained from the Placenta and Umbilical Cord. We work with some of the most advanced labs, which follow strict regulations in order to harvest Stem Cells.

Our labs are experts in their field and export Stem Cells all over the world. However, they are local and have been used for thousands of Stem Cells procedures. They are ecologically friendly; they are responsible, and we have had excellent results from them for many years.
Numerous phase I and II studies have proven that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are safe for medical application, while several phase III studies are currently carried out. Neither tumor formation nor a threatening immune response could be observed.
Usual Anti-Aging treatment contains 30 - 50 Million StemCells (treatment varies).
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